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A Complete List of Programs in The Division of Civil and Mechanical Systems

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The Civil and Mechanical Systems (CMS) Division is part of the Directorate for Engineering at the National Science Foundation.  We fund research that contributes to the knowledge base and intellectual growth in the areas of infrastructure construction and management, geotechnology, structures, dynamics and control, mechanics, and materials, sensing for civil and mechanical systems as well as the reduction of risks induced by earthquakes and other natural and technological hazards.  The division encourages cross-disciplinary partnerships at the intersections of traditional disciplines, to promote discoveries using technologies such as adaptive systems, nanotechnology and simulation to enable revolutionary advances in our nation's civil and mechanical systems

The CMS Division is organized into eleven core programs.  These programs are listed below:

  • Dynamic System and Control (DSC)
  • Sensor Technologies for Civil and Mechanical Systems (STCMS)
  • GeoMechanics and GeoTechnical Systems (GGS)
  • GeoEnvironmental Engineering and GeoHazards Mitigation (GEH)
  • Information and Technology for Infrastructure Systems (ITIS)
  • Infrastructure Management and Hazard Response (IMHR)
  • Network Earthquake Engineering Simulation Program (NEES)
  • Mechanics and Structures of Materials (MSM)
  • Surface Engineering and Material Design (SEM)
  • Infrastructure Materials Applications and Structural Mechanics (IMSM)
  • Structural Systems and Hazards Mitigation of Structures (SSHM)
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Kimberly J. Bryant
Information Technology Specialist
kbryant@nsf.gov (703) 292-7006 MPS/OAD

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