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Computer and Information Science and Engineering Minority-Serving Institutions Research Expansion Program (CISE MSI)

Status: Archived

Archived funding opportunity

This document has been archived. See NSF 24-536 for the latest version.

Important information for proposers

All proposals must be submitted in accordance with the requirements specified in this funding opportunity and in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) that is in effect for the relevant due date to which the proposal is being submitted. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure that the proposal meets these requirements. Submitting a proposal prior to a specified deadline does not negate this requirement.

Supports capacity building in computer and information science and engineering at historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and tribal colleges and universities.


With this solicitation, the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) is continuing its support of research expansion for Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs). The goal of the CISE-MSI program is to broaden participation by increasing the number of CISE-funded research projects from MSIs and to develop research capacity toward successful submissions to core CISE programs. MSIs are central to inclusive excellence: they foster innovation, cultivate current and future undergraduate and graduate computer and information science and engineering talent, and bolster long-term U.S. competitiveness.  For the purposes of this solicitation, MSIs include Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Tribal College & Universities (TCUs). 



Program contacts

Subrata Acharya
Lead, Program Director, CISE/CNS
acharyas@nsf.gov (703) 292-2451 CISE/CNS
Michelle L. Rogers
Program Director, CISE/CNS
mlrogers@nsf.gov (703) 292-7786 CISE/CNS
Ephraim P. Glinert
Program Director, CISE/IIS
eglinert@nsf.gov (703) 292-4341 CISE/IIS
James E. Fowler
Program Director, CISE/CCF
jafowler@nsf.gov (703) 292-8910 CISE/CCF
Deepankar Medhi
Program Director, CISE/CNS
dmedhi@nsf.gov (703) 292-2935 CISE/CNS
Juan J. Li
Program Director, CISE/OAC
jjli@nsf.gov (703) 292-2625 CISE/OAC

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