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Infrastructure and Information Systems (IIS)

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The Infrastructure and Information Systems (IIS) program supports research to develop new science bases necessary for development and deployment of advanced information systems and technologies required to sustain the nation's infrastructure. IIS research impacts on infrastructure system design, construction, maintenance, operation and control, and includes networking technology, internet-based data systems, voice and data communications technologies and GIS-based multimedia global infrastructure information systems. In addition, the IIS program portfolio includes systems and network approaches to infrastructure management and life-cycle engineering, integrated systems behavior and network simulation, hazard preparedness and response, societal and economic impacts, decision theory, intelligent systems and engineering (life-cycle design), and conceptual and theoretical bases of scalable enterprise for civil systems construction and management.

Information and Technology for Infrastructure Systems (ITIS)

The objective of the Information and Technology for Infrastructure Systems (ITIS) program element is to nurture the development of a new science base that will promote broad application of advanced information systems and technologies that have significant potential to impact infrastructure system design, construction, maintenance, operation and control. The ITIS research portfolio is expected to include projects on information technology applied to: infrastructure construction management, operation, and life-cycle engineering; infrastructure system sensing and monitoring; distributed and remotely wireless micro devices with built-in sensors and processors for management of infrastructure systems and networks; internet-based data systems and networking technology; and voice and data communications technologies for infrastructure systems application.

Infrastructure Systems Management and Hazard Response (IMHR)

The Infrastructure Management and Hazard Response (IMHR) program element supports fundamental research that will support development of a new knowledge base on modeling and analysis of infrastructure system operation, performance, safety, and productivity. The IMHR research portfolio includes projects on infrastructure system and network management, including transport systems; infrastructure system modeling, simulation, and performance optimization; system risk management under environmental loads and extreme events; contributions of infrastructure to hazard preparedness and response, including societal and economic impacts; and conceptual and theoretical bases of infrastructure construction and operation as a scalable enterprise.

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Jesus M. de la Garza
Program Director
jgarza@nsf.gov (703) 292-7791

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