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Intelligent Civil and Mechanical Systems Cluster

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The Intelligent Civil and Mechanical Systems Cluster includes programs on Information Technology and Infrastructure Systems, Sensor Technologies for Civil and Mechanical Systems, Control Systems, and Dynamical Systems.

Control Systems (PD 05-1632)

Advances and novel developments in control systems strategies and technologies with broad applicability to both mechanical and civil systems; embedded / distributed real-time control and mechatronic systems; control of dynamical systems at all scales (nano to micro to macro), with or without humans in the loop.

Dynamical Systems (PD 05-7478)

Fundamental advances in the understanding, design and operation of dynamic systems, including acoustics, vibrational response, and kinematic relationships; active in noise vibration control technologies; modeling and simulation of nonlinear time-varying and distributed systems.

Information Technology and Infrastructure Systems (PD 05-1631)

Information technology applied to : infrastructure construction management, operation, and life-cycle engineering; infrastructure system sensing and monitoring; distributed and remotely wireless micro devices with built-in sensors and processors for management of infrastructure systems and networks; internet-based data systems and networking technology; and voice and data communications technologies for infrastructure systems application; infrastructure system and network management, including intelligent transportation systems; infrastructure system modeling, simulation, and performance optimization.

Sensor Technologies for Civil and Mechanical Systems (PD 05-1639)

Acquiring and using information about civil and mechanical systems to improve their safety, reliability, cost and performance; knowledge base for development of advanced sensors for solution of inverse problems related to system identification and characterization, and for implementation of real time adaptive system performance, and dynamic response control, capabilities that use the sensed information; innovative sensor technologies and wireless networks, analytical tools and strategies for health monitoring and diagnosis, and smart structures.

Program contacts

Eduardo A. Misawa
Program Director, Dynamical Systems
emisawa@nsf.gov (703) 292-5353 OD
Jesus M. de la Garza
Program Director, Information Technology and Infrastructure Systems
jgarza@nsf.gov (703) 292-7791
Mario Rotea
Program Director, Control Systems
mrotea@nsf.gov (703) 292-7012
Shih C. Liu
Program Director, Sensor Technologies for Civil and Mechancial Systems
sliu@nsf.gov (703) 292-8360

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