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The U.S. National Science Foundation spurs scientific advancements, develops STEM opportunities and careers, and operates cutting-edge research infrastructure across the U.S. NSF is in your state, region and community, driving research and innovation where you are!

Highlight your story! 

NSF is inviting you — our community — to participate in showcasing the amazing science, engineering, innovation, STEM education, cutting-edge research facilities, future workforce and more that is powered by NSF. These stories are happening in communities across the country and around the world.  

We need to hear from you! Join us by following the instructions below and tagging your location and including #NSFstories in your post. Our goal is to highlight the amazing people and stories that are part of our community and share them more widely.  

We have easy-to-use graphics and filters, or you can simply post your photo or video on any social media platform including your location and #NSFstories. If you are at an NSF research facility or center or using NSF-supported instruments, please note that in your post.  

Please check back for more activities including contests, blogs, social happenings and events featuring you! This is not only Science Happens Here but it’s also Engineering Happens Here, Innovation Happens Here, The Future Happens Here, STEM Education Happens Here and more!  

We will be looking for opportunities to highlight your stories on NSF platforms -follow us! 

Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation

’How to engage’ toolkit

Social Media Guidelines

When sharing your Science Happens Here story, please tag NSF in your social media post and use the hashtag #NSFstories. We’d love to see and share your stories! 

Instagram filter 

Head to NSF’s Instagram account and have fun with the Science Happens Here filter. You can move the location pin around to fit your surroundings. Don’t forget to tag us @nsfgov, for us to share on our Instagram Stories.  

Instagram filter Link:

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Sample social media posts 

• I’m ________ and I’m an/a __________ at _____________. (Science/Innovation/Engineering/Discovery) happens here in (town, state or country)! #NSFstories 

• At _____________ we make/observe/study ________________. (Science/Innovation/Engineering/Discovery) happens here in (region, state or country)! #NSFstories 


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