A collage of images showing magnified views of organisms including the brain of a fruit fly larva, the cells and structure of a fruit fly eye, and equations describing some of the biological processes involved.


Developing and exploring the language of the universe.

We advance research in mathematics: the science of numbers, shapes, probability and change.

The U.S. National Science Foundation is the leading supporter of fundamental mathematics research in the United States.

Whether it's unraveling the chaos of turbulence to better predict weather, accelerating the development of life-saving drugs, or improving the security and efficiency of the modern power grid, NSF research in mathematics keeps the U.S. at the leading edge of science and engineering.

What we support

Innovation in mathematics and statistics

We support research on the properties of mathematical structures and how to use mathematics to solve problems in science, engineering and society at large.

World-class research institutes

We support national mathematical research institutes that advance fundamental research and address problems in other disciplines.

Education and training

We support the next generation of mathematical scientists and statisticians through internships, fellowships, institutes and other programs.