Our Focus Areas

Arctic and Antarctic

Exploring the planet's vulnerable polar regions.

Astronomy and Space

Opening windows to the universe.


Understanding life in all its forms and sustaining the Earth's ecosystems as they face unprecedented global challenges.

Chemistry and Materials

Understanding the basic properties of matter and forging the chemicals and materials of the future.


Advancing computer and information science and engineering for societal impact.

Diversity in STEM

Expanding opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics across the nation.

Earth and Environment

Exploring the wonders of our planet to preserve its future.

Education and Training

Unleashing the nation's science and engineering talent.


Pursuing use-inspired research and innovation to create a future where people can thrive.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Empowering scientists, engineers and educators to explore, experiment and discover new frontiers.


Developing and exploring the language of the universe.

People and Society

Illuminating what makes us human.


Understanding the fundamental workings of the universe — from tiny quantum particles to the largest galaxies.

Research Partnerships

Addressing challenges that require collaboration and fresh perspectives.


Paving the way for the technologies that will shape the future.