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Sea surface anomalies across the Earth in July 2023 during the 2023-2024 El Niño event
From 2023 to 2024, the world experienced a major El Niño event, affecting everything from global weather and climate to ecosystems and economies. Now...
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Analysis of historic baleen plates, the comb structures that are used by some species of whales to filter food, from Southern Hemisphere blue and fin whales.
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An illustration of many faint brown dwarf stars surrounding a galaxy. The galaxy occupies most of the image as a fuzzy oval disk.
Too big to be planets but too small to be stars, distant brown dwarfs are a key ingredient for understanding the history of the Milky Way. These...
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a wildfire as seen across Loon Lake, British Columbia
Wildfire smoke, sometimes drifting across hundreds of miles, reached almost every lake in North America at least one day each year from 2019 to 2021...
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Climate change has affected more than the planet's temperature. As climate change has become more influential, seasonal event timing has fluctuated...
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A gloved human hand holds some mammoth hair next to the foot and hairy leg.
An international team of scientists assembled the woolly mammoth's genetic code using fossilized chromosomes from a 52,000-year-old carcass discovered...
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employees work on the network cabling above the racks of Frontera.
The U.S. National Science Foundation has begun construction on the Leadership-Class Computing Facility (LCCF), a cutting-edge facility led by the...
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