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Paving the way for the technologies that will shape the future.

We support research and development in critical technology areas — from semiconductors to synthetic biology.

NSF investments have given the world Doppler radar, bar codes, the modern Internet, web browsers, MRI, laser eye surgery, DNA analysis and synthetic biology. And those are just a few highlights.

Recently, we created our first new directorate in more than 30 years — Technology, Innovation and Partnerships — to quickly transform research being funded by NSF and being done across the U.S. into impactful products, services and solutions that will secure the nation's competitive edge for decades to come.

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What we support

Accelerating use-inspired research

We support solutions-oriented innovation, advancing breakthrough technologies for tomorrow.

Moving ideas from the lab to society

We provide innovators with tools and funding so they can translate their research results into products and services with commercial and societal impacts.

Training the 21st century workforce

We invest in education and training programs across the nation, ensuring a pipeline of diverse people and ideas ready to solve pressing global challenges in science and engineering.