Changes to Vacancy Listings

October 7, 2019

New Job Types

We have added job types for Program Administration and Communications/Public Affairs. There are explanations for each of these types at

Concise Titles for Dear Colleague Letter Vacancies

Previously, the title of a Dear Colleague Letter could be something like: Dear Colleague Letter: Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP), Partnership for Innovation (PFI) Program - Employment Opportunity for Program Director Position (Open Until Filled).

On beta, that listing title is Program Director, Partnership for Innovation (PFI) Program. The Division and Directorate information are displayed immediately below the title. User research showed that the concise titles helped users identify positions more quickly.

Consistent Format for Dear Colleague Letter Vacancies

Working with the Division of Human Resource Management (HRM) and again based on user research, we have created a standard presentation format for these vacancies. This ensures that information is presented consistently and allows us to use boilerplate text for language that should be the same in every announcement.

Better Filtering and Search Tools

The new format allows us to provide more options to filter and sort the vacancies list. For example, users can filter on temporary positions as well as by Division or Directorate. A researcher looking for Program Director positions in a specific area can find them more easily.

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