Business Operations

These employees have the opportunity to formulate and track budgets, examine and audit expenditures, maintain IT systems and software, provide legal support, administer grants and contracts, provide input on human capital issues, and offer support for various business operational needs.

Positions with primary responsibility for providing operational and functional support to the employees who deliver the NSF core mission, including IT Specialists, Budget Analysts, HR Specialists, Accountants, Attorneys, Grants and Agreement Specialists, Program Support Managers, and similar positions.


  • Budget Analyst and Accountant: Fiscal responsibility and accountability are extremely important in NSF programs. Working for NSF, you may have the opportunity to develop and improve accounting systems, develop budgets, collect and disburse funds, examine and audit expenditures.
  • Grants and Agreement Specialists, Contract Specialist: NSF conducts much of its business through the award of grants, contracts and interagency agreements. You may help to manage this activity, or work in negotiating contracts and agreements for a wide variety of goods and services.
  • Information Technology Specialists: As one of the leading agencies in technology advancement, NSF accomplishes much of its work processes by using information technology. You may perform a variety of analysis, design, programming, troubleshooting, maintenance and report generating tasks.
  • Human Resource Management: Employees in this field provide NSF's scientific, administrative, clerical and technical staff with a wide variety of Human Resources-related services in the areas of recruitment, placement, position classification, position management, employee development and employee relations.
  • Program Support Manager: Manages a staff of program support professionals. Work involves overseeing the processing of proposals, managing logistics/budgets, and ensuring proper analysis is performed of programs and associated work methods to support the accomplishment of the organization's mission.

Recruiting Sources

Opportunities are posted on USAJOBS and may also be viewed on the Job Openings page.