Communications/Public Affairs

Employees perform a variety of duties that support the communications operations of the agency. Positions support communication to internal and external audiences with information about the activities, programs, research results, and policies of the National Science Foundation, such as: Legislative or Public Affairs Specialists, Communications Specialist, Technical Writers, and Writer Editors.


  • Legislative Specialist: Positions that involve administering, supervising, or performing work related to federal legislation that affects the work performed at or research funded by NSF. Employees are responsible for providing information to, and responding to requests for information from Congress, Congressional staff, government agencies and the general public.
  • Public Affairs Specialist: Positions responsible for administering, supervising, or performing work involved in establishing and maintaining mutual communications between Federal agencies and the general public, and various other pertinent publics, including internal and external audiences, and foreign and domestic audiences.
  • Communications Specialist: Positions responsible for creating, editing, formatting, and distributing information and communications to internal and external audiences.
  • Technical Writer: Positions that involve writing or editing technical materials, such as reports on scientific findings, scientific or technical articles, news releases, speeches or scripts on technical or scientific subjects.
  • Writer Editor: Positions that involve writing or editing materials such as reports, regulations, articles, newsletters, news releases, training materials, brochures, handbooks, speeches or scripts.


  • Appointments are made under the NSF delegated examining authority and merit promotion authority.
  • Entry level positions are filled at the GS-5, GS-7 or GS-9 grade level (or equivalent) and usually have career ladder promotion potential to GS-11, GS-12, GS-13, GS-14 (or equivalent).
  • Eligibility for these positions is based on related experience and/or education in lieu of experience.

Recruiting Sources
Opportunities are posted on USAJOBS and may also be viewed on the Job Openings page.