STEM Positions

These positions are directly responsible for the delivery of the NSF core mission.  Program Directors are the main type of position in this category and they serve as Engineers, Scientists, Educators, Mathematicians, Statisticians, Physical Scientists, Biologists, and in similar areas of science.

Program Directors perform long-range planning and budget development for the areas of science represented by a STEM program or program cluster.  Responsibilities also include the administration of the merit review process and proposal recommendations, the preparation of, feature articles and material describing advances in the research supported, and coordination and liaison with other programs in NSF, other Federal agencies and organizations.

Information about rotational assignments is available for the Intergovernmental Personnel Act Program and the Visiting Scientist, Engineer and Educator Program (VSEE).


  • Career (permanent) and temporary appointments are used.
  • The NSF Act, Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA), and Visiting Scientist, Engineer and Educator Program (VSEE) hiring authorities are also used.

Recruiting Sources

Opportunities are posted on USAJobs and may also be viewed on the Job Openings page.