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2015 NSF Large Facilities Workshop

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AGENDA AND WORKSHOP MATERIALS: Updated versions now available, see Links Below. If you have trouble accessing any of the documents, please contact bfalfoweb@nsf.gov.

The Large Facilities Workshop is an annual event hosted by NSF’s Large Facilities Office. The intent is to provide a collaborative forum for discussing current challenges and relevant topics related to large scientific research facilities, as well as sharing best practices and lessons learned from operational and administrative experiences. Attendees typically include facilities management staff, Principle Investigators, facilities users, NSF staff, and representatives from other federal agencies. The Workshop is typically held alternately at a federally-funded research facility and in Washington, DC. The Large Facilities Office produces a publically-available report outlining the results and findings from the discussions as well as the information presented by experts and guest speakers.

The 2015 Large Facilities Workshop will be held on May 12-14 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Workshop structure and themes include a limited number of formal presentations on selected topics designed to stimulate interactive activities and break-out sessions involving all participants. The selection of Puerto Rico enables participants to visit the NSF-funded Arecibo Observatory and continues the historical practice of allowing participants to visit and learn from other Facilities operators.Information related to the current and future workshops is distributed via a self-subscribe listserv.

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