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Advancing Measures of Innovation: Knowledge Flows, Business Metrics, and Measurement Strategies

About this event

The workshop is organized by the National Science Foundation’s Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS), with assistance provided under contract by SRI International.

The objectives of the workshop are to advance measures of innovation by developing novel ideas for: 1) new and better uses of existing science, technology and innovation (STI) indicators; 2) new uses of existing non-STI indicators; and 3) new indicators.  It will identify a range of opportunities, including surveys or survey modules; mining of administrative and other data; microdata linking; case studies, industry-specific studies and qualitative measures. The workshop is further expected to draw conclusions as to which opportunities are the ripest and most feasible in terms of data availability and constraints, as well as efficient use of financial and expert resources. 

Prior to a discussion of statistical strategies, the workshop will consider the current context for R&D and innovation statistics and review cutting edge work on university-industry knowledge flows, innovation-related data in federal economic surveys, and innovation metrics in the business sector.

The workshop is being held in the context of: the American Competitiveness Initiative; the Science of Science Policy (SoSP) initiative led by NSF and involving other Federal agencies; and OECD’s decadal “Blue Sky II” effort to develop new and better indicators of science, technology and innovation.