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BIO Distinguished Lecture – David Page

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Please join us on December 7th as the Directorate for Biological Sciences welcomes Dr. David Page of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Director of the Whitehead Institute for his Distinguished Lecture titled, "Reading Genomes: from the origins of genomics to current studies of sex determination.”

This lecture will discuss the Rules of Life and the prediction of phenotype in the context of two billion years of eukaryotic evolution and reproduction, and 40 years of genomics. Dr. Page will frame the question of sex determination from an epigenetic and epigenomic perspective, and will argue that our developing understanding of the “rules” requires a synthesis of evolutionary and comparative studies, genomics, development and reproduction.

Please contact Tara Bracken [tbracken@nsf.gov] to attend in person at NSF Headquarters. The lecture will be webcast beginning at 12:45 PM on December 7th at the following URL: [https://bluejeans.com/337123382/2092]


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