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BIO Distinguished Lecture – Greg Engel

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Please join us on May 16th as the Directorate for Biological Sciences welcomes Dr. Greg Engel of the University of Chicago for his Distinguished Lecture on issues related to Quantum Biology titled, "How proteins control femtosecond electronic dynamics: Lessons from Photosynthesis on steering excited state dynamics."

In his lecture, Dr. Engel will discuss his lab's work on ultrafast electronic dynamics and quantum biology. Dr. Engel will describe the new spectroscopic tools his lab is developing to isolate and copy the microscopic details of photosynthetic light harvesting, and how his lab's findings reveal novel design principles for light harvesting and force us to expand our thinking regarding protein design, structure, dynamics, and function. 

Please contact Tara Bracken [tbracken@nsf.gov] to attend in person at NSF Headquarters. The lecture will be webcast beginning at 12:45 PM on May 16th at the following URL: https://bluejeans.com/397013574

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