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Broadening Participation in STEM - NSF Funding Opportunities 

About the series

Please join us for our Virtual Office Hour to learn about ongoing and new opportunities at the National Science Foundation and the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (MCB)! 

Our next Office Hour on July 14th from 2-3pm EST, will be dedicated to “Broadening Participation in STEM - NSF Funding Opportunities ” followed by a Q&A. Questions should be broad and of potential interest to others. Division Program Directors from all four MCB clusters: Cellular Dynamics and Function (CDF), Genetic Mechanisms (GM), Molecular Biophysics (MB), and Synthetic and Systems Biology (SSB) will be present.

Join us remotely to listen and learn. Please use the registration page to set up your participation in our Virtual Office Hour. For alerts on future MCB Virtual Office Hours, please subscribe to the MCB Blog.

Registration Page for July 14th VOH:


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