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Advisory group meetings

CPaSS IAB Meeting

About the series

This is a bi-annual meeting of the industry advisory board and center members to assess ongoing research and set priorities for new research directions. Visitors interested in membership are welcome if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

During the meeting in NY research updates on several of the on-going CPaSS projects will be presented. Details on the agenda are being finalized but the following is a preliminary outline of the planned timeline for your reference.

8:30-9:00 Breakfast & Registration
9:00-9:10 Welcome & Introduction
9:10-9:30 Update on I/UCRC and Review (Directors)
9:35-9:45 NSF I/UCRC Briefing (if applicable)
9:45-10:30 Project Updates
10:30-11:00 Break &Poster Session
11:00-12:00 Project Updates
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Project Updates
2:30-3:00 Break & Poster Session
3:00-4:30 IAB Executive Meeting (IAB Members Only)
4:30 Adjournment

Registration and additional recommendations for accommodation during the meeting will shortly be posted on the CPaSS website (http://iucrc.perc.ufl.edu/)

We also want to share with you the latest developments at CPaSS. Since IAB Members votes were collected several projects have been launched/continued per your recommendation with the support from NSF and your membership fees. Both sites of CPaSS, Florida and Columbia, are carrying forward their research portfolios as listed below:


  • Dilute Suspension Flow-An Experimental and Modeling Study - PI. Jennifer Curtis (jcurtis@che.ufl.edu)
  • Tribolectric Phenomena in Particulate Materials - PI. Scott Brown (sbrown@perc.ufl.edu)
  • Grinding Aids for Nano-milling using Stirred Media Mill - PI. Parvesh Sharma (sharma@perc.ufl.edu)
  • Particle-Process Analytical Technology (P-PAT) - PI. Kevin Powers (kpowers@perc.ufl.edu)
  • Photocatalytic Degradation of Microbes - PI. Vijay Krishna (vkrishna@perc.ufl.edu)
  • Dispersion in Air of Micron and Nanometer Sized Particulate Systems - PI. Hassan El Shall  (helsh@perc.ufl.edu)
  • Sampling- Theory and Practice- Dry Powders (E-Module) - PI. Hassan El Shall  (helsh@perc.ufl.edu)
  • A fundamental study of protein-nanoparticle interactions: Role of surface features- PI. G. Pyrgiotakis (gpyrgiotakis@perc.ufl.edu)

COLUMBIA: PI. Ponnisseril Somasundaran (ps24@columbia.edu)

  • Green Surfactants: Properties and performance model green surfactants system. J. Wu
  • Enzyme interactions with peptide and sugar-based biosurfactants: Implications and antagonistic behavior in detergent formulations and methods towards controlled passivation. M. Chin
  • Investigation on possible pathways of slime problem in selective mineral separation. S. Murthy Kandrika
  • Effects of morphology, particle size and chemical properties of fine particles on rheology of suspension and selective separation of valuable minerals. P. Parta
  • Polymer-anionic surfactants interactions: effect on microstructures and rheology. B. Li
  • Stabilizing salt solutions using polymers. X. Fang
  • How size and crystallinity of metal oxide nanoparticles affect their chemical activity in water? Adsorption of surfactants on hematite. I. Chersnyshoca
  • Modification of Solid Surfaces Using Surfactants: Effect of Surface Structure studied using spectroscopic methods and ab-initio simulations. S. Ponnurangam

We plan to highlight the progress of several of these projects as brief oral presentations and posters during the meeting at Columbia so please plan to join us. In the meantime feel free to contact any of the PIs listed with each project directly or through Maria if you have further suggestions or need further assistance.

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