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From Data to Decisions:

About this event

The speaker will present an adaptive framework for managing natural resources and environments, and will discuss the types of issues and systems that the framework is best suited to address [EOS spotlight/summary]. The framework can improve science, policy decisions, and management of coupled human-natural systems by (1) recognizing the sources of human decisions and understanding their role in the scientific progression of knowledge; (2) considering innate human needs and biases, beliefs, heuristics, and values that may need to be countered or embraced; and (3) creating science and policy governance that is inclusive, integrated, considerate of diversity, explicit, and accountable.

Pierre Glynn is Branch Chief of the Water Cycle Branch in the Water Mission Area (WMA) at USGS. He is the WMA lead in the USGS Science and Decisions Center; and the Interagency Collaborative on Environmental Modeling and Monitoring.  The Water Cycle Branch improves the qualitative and quantitative understanding of the water cycle, its dynamics, and its interactions with societal needs, including water-cycle dependencies and interactions with other natural resources.

He is a member of two NSF-funded SESYNC working groups: one on participatory modeling and the other on natural capital accounting