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Division of Astronomical Sciences, NSF Town Meeting on the Senior Review

About the series

The Division of Astronomical Sciences at NSF is carrying out a review of its facilities with the goal of assessing the balance between support for current facilities and programs and progress on new initiatives and future projects. A committee of representatives from the community, chaired by Roger Blandford, has been asked to identify up to $30 million from AST's current portfolio that could be directed either to bolstering existing high priority programs or to investing in new projects recommended in community advisory reports such as the Decadal Survey and Quarks to the Cosmos. AST has held six town meetings around the country to speak with the community about this Senior Review. In this town meeting, representatives from AST will present the context for the review and describe the process, and then be joined by members of the review committee to answer questions and listen to community opinions, concerns, and suggestions.

Link to our Senior Review website for additional information at:  http://www.nsf.gov/mps/ast/ast_senior_review.jsp

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