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ENG/CISE Distinguished Lecture Series: Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides

About the series

In a world of scientific presentations - is the audience really paying attention?

Slide design can make a big difference in how much audiences understand of your message. As part of the ENG/CISE Distinguished Lecture Series, Professor Michael Alley will address the influence of current audience-based research on effective scientific slide design and discuss how managers can use this recent rethinking of slide design to make their presentations more understandable, more memorable, and more persuasive.

Michael Alley is an Associate Professor of Engineering Communication at Penn State University and the author of three textbooks, including The Craft of Scientific Presentations (2003). Mr. Alley has led dicussions on scientific presentations at Google, Army Research Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Los Alamos National Lab, MIT, Sandia National Labs, United Technologies, and the US Geological Survey. In addition to lecturing about scientific presentations in the United States, he has recently given invited talks in Chile, China, Italy, Korea, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

Past events in this series