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Geoscience Education Panel

About this event

Welcome to the GeoEd Program Review Panel Meeting

The Geoscience Education (GeoEd) Program is part of a portfolio of programs within the Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) that seeks to increase public understanding of Earth system science and foster recruitment, training, and retention of a diverse and skilled geoscience workforce for the future.  The program achieves  these goals by supporting innovative or transformative projects that improve the quality and effectiveness of formal and informal geoscience education at all educational levels, increase the number of students pursuing geoscience education and career paths, broaden participation of traditionally underrepresented groups in the geosciences, and promote public engagement in Earth system science.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide advice and recommendations concerning the proposals submitted to NSF for financial support from the GeoEd Program.  The agenda for each meeting is the review and evaluation of proposals.  These meetings are closed because the proposals being reviewed include information of a proprietary or confidential nature, including: technical information; financial data, such as salaries; and personal information concerning individuals associated with the proposals.  These full proposals were submitted in response to the GeoEd solicitation NSF 10-512 with an October 12, 2011 deadline.  The meeting will open with an orientation session at 8 am on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, and will adjourn at approximately 3 pm on Friday, January 20, 2012.