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Growing Research Access for Nationally Transformative Equity and Diversity Webinar

About the series

We are excited to announce the Growing Research Access for Nationally Transformative Equity and Diversity (GRANTED) initiative, a wholly unique new funding opportunity for NSF. GRANTED activities and support will focus on building capacity within the Nation’s research enterprise* and reducing barriers to research competitiveness. The first funding opportunity is now available via Dear Colleague Letter NSF 23-037 and we will host a second GRANTED Webinar on Wednesday, Feb 23, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET.

To participate in the webinar, please click here to REGISTER now or see the link below.


The purpose of this webinar is to: 

  • Provide an overview of the GRANTED initiative and share updates
  • Meet the GRANTED staff
  • Hear from the community, provide clarification, and answer questions 

The webinar will also serve to center conversation around the three GRANTED themes. Those themes include: 

1 - Enhancing practices and processes within the research enterprise  

2 - Strengthening the research enterprise workforce

3 - Partnering with national and regional professional societies that specialize in various aspects of the research enterprise to translate effective practices into diverse institutional and organizational contexts. 

We encourage you to send questions ahead of the GRANTED webinar to GRANTED@nsf.gov and see the GRANTED webpage to learn more.

Please share this information with your colleagues.  

The National Science Foundation GRANTED team,

Dina Myers Stroud, Program Director

Brandon Jones, Program Director  

Kimberly P. Littlefield, Program Director

Alicia J. Knoedler, Head, Office of Integrative Activities   

*Broadly defined, the research enterprise includes human capital, practices and processes related to research development, research administration, technology transfer and commercialization, corporate relation/public-private partnerships, research integrity, compliance and security, research policy, student research training, and research leadership

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