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Hybrid Flexible Electronics Based Devices and Systems: Technological Challenges and Opportunities

About the series

The main goal of the workshop is to document the important thrust areas for future research in the fields of flexible electronics and photonics.  Issues related to manufacturing of flexible electronics and photonics-based systems as well as development of applications related to energy generation, storage, security, and healthcare will be discussed. This workshop with help gather views and opinions from academic researchers and industry representatives about future research directions.  This workshop will also serve as a follow-up to the recently completed study on "European Research and Development in Hybrid Flexible Electronics", conducted by the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) and co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research.  By gathering views and opinions from US researchers and combining it with the results of the WTEC study, a comprehensive picture will be drawn about the research needs in the US in the area of flexible electronics.

Workshop Chair
Ananth Dodabalapur
Ashley H. Priddy Centennial Professor of Engineering
June and Gene Gillis Fellow Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Microelectronics Research Center
The University of Texas at Austin

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