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IHBEM Webinar

About the series

The IHBEM Working Group hosted a webinar to share information about the NSF-NIH collaboration on a new funding opportunity: Incorporating Human Behavior in Epidemiological Models (IHBEM). Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions during a live Q&A session and a panel answered the questions. The panelists included:

  • Katharina Dittmar, Program Director, NSF/BIO/DEB 
  • Amina Eladdadi, Program Director, NSF/MPS/DMS
  • Zhilan Feng, Program Director, NSF/MPS/DMS
  • Trisha Van Zandt, Program Director, NSF/SBE/BCS
  • Joseph Whitmeyer, Program Director, NSF/SBE/SES
  • Susan Wright, Program Director, NIH/NIDA

Recording (Note: video does not immediately start)

Webinar Presentation Slides

Please send additional questions to NSF-IHBEM@nsf.gov

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