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Live: Antarctic Meteorites and the Origin of Our Solar System

About this event

A message from space? Antarctica remains a hotspot for meteorite discoveries, with some 45,000 rocks found across the continent. Since 1976, teams in the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) program have recovered more than 21,000 specimens from surfaces specifically along the Transantarctic Mountains, a mountain range spanning 2,200 miles. 

On April 15 at 1:00 pm EST, join Dr. James Karner from the University of Utah’s Department of Geology & Geophysics, as he talks about his recent work as part of ANSMET. In this live event, Dr. Karner and his team will share their monthly-long expedition to search for meteorites, get to see some of the samples collected, and learn more about the importance of this research and why Antarctica is the best place for it. 

Register online at https://bit.ly/meteorite-web