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Live from Antarctica - It's not all snow and ice

About this event

Antarctica might be covered 98% in ice, but there are areas of snow- and ice-free land. The McMurdo Dry Valleys is an area close to Ross Island that experiences low humidity, and the surrounding mountains prevent the flow of ice from nearby glaciers. 

The McMurdo Dry Valleys is a uniquely dynamic ecosystem, with microscopic animals living in the soils, helping researchers understand how animals adapt to harsh and changing environments.

Join researcher and educator Ariel Waldman as she dives into the soils of Antarctica, and tells stories about how Antarctica is interconnected with the rest of the Earth and can inform us about the search for life on other planets.

NSF will be hosting two events on February 3, one aimed at 2PM EST aimed at middle and high school students and one at 7PM EST aimed at adults, or anyone who cannot attend the earlier event!

Register for the events below:

And before the event, learn more about the McMurdo Dry Valleys and research in the region at https://mcm.lternet.edu/.