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Live from the Arctic: The Frozen Tundra

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Did you know that much of the water in Alaska is not above ground, but frozen in the ground under your feet? However, as air temperatures rise with climate change, this frozen ground known as permafrost is thawing. This causes land and buildings to collapse and also changes how water flows. 

How do you even study water that is underground, if you can’t see it? Using a novel blend of field measurements, satellite data, and mathematical models, scientists are trying to piece together how water is changing in the warming Arctic. They do so by spending their summers collecting measurements on the hills around the Toolik Field Station in northern Alaska. 

On Tuesday, May 30th at 1 pm EST, join a team of researchers and educators live from the Toolik Field Station, as they explore how the water cycle in the Arctic is changing. They'll give you a quick tour of their research lab, talk about what it’s like to do science in a remote region of the tundra and answer your questions about their work. 

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