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"Macro to Nano: Challenges and Opportunities in Integrative Complex Systems Engineering"

About the series

The purpose of this workshop is to better define "Integrative Complex Systems" and to identify the research breakthroughs that will be needed to enable a wide range of applications, including smart power systems, environmental monitoring networks, implantable devices for improved health care, microsurgical tools, instrumentation for use at the nanoscale, and cyberengineering, and information systems. Such systems will depend on the integration of innovative power sources, embedded computing, photonics, sensing and microactuation, packaging, and communication systems technologies. Designing and building such systems will require new understanding in systems theory and computations and the interactions that can arise in large complex systems. The Workshop will feature talks by leading researchers in areas relevant to such systems followed by breakout sessions to discuss important issues. A report will be issued on the basis of the Workshop that will help to guide the program and the topics of interest in this emerging area. Because of the limited space in the facilities available at Hilton, this Workshop is by invitation only. It is an opportunity to share ideas in an important emerging area and to help guide the future programs.

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