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Advisory group meetings

Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education

About this event

"At this meeting, the Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education (AC ERE) will be releasing and discussing their new report: America’s Future: Environmental Research and Education for a Thriving Century: A 10 year outlook. Committee members will present the report and discuss follow-up activities. Additionally, updates will be given on the following programs: NEON, CRISP, CEOSE, PREEVents, INFEWS, the evaluation of the SEES program, and NEON.  The committee will also hear a presentation on recent reports from the National Academy of Sciences on geoengineering given by Dr. Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution.

The AC ERE was established in 2000 to provide advice and recommendations concerning support of NSF’s environmental research and education portfolio.  The committee serves as a base of contact with the scientific community to inform NSF of the impact of its research support and NSF-wide policies on the scientific community.  In addition, they serve as a forum for consideration of interdisciplinary environmental topics as well as environmental activities in a wide range of disciplines, provide broad input into long-range plans and partnership opportunities, and perform oversight of program management, overall program balance, and other aspects of program performance for environmental research and education activities.”

Please see attached agenda for meeting schedule and information on joining the meeting remotely.