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MPS Distinguished Lecture: Innovation and Energy Security--A Leadership Odyssey

About the series

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and former chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be presenting the next MPS Distinguished Lecture.

Talk synopsis:

An increasingly global environment, in which many nations are striding toward self-development--combined with the concomitant need for energy to fuel these lengthening strides--places upon the United States the obligation to respond creatively, and soon, to assure global energy security. Our challenge is to innovate for a range of diverse alternative energy sources, to innovate to conserve, and to innovate extractive and transporting technologies. Innovation is accomplished by prepared human talent, and our pipeline is not producing sufficiently when we most need it. This occurred before--when Sputnik launched the "space race." This is echoed now in the pressing need for energy security. Can we learn from prior experience where it is most effective to invest?

Biographical sketch at  http://www.rpi.edu/president/profile.html

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