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Next Generation Medical Products, Systems and Services

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Haifa, December 19-20, 2007 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (joint offering of Technion, the Global Advanced Technology Innovation Consortium - GATIC, and the  Northwestern University NSF IUCRC Center for Technology and Innovation Management - CTIM)

Developing and commercializing medical products and systems is becoming an increasing challenge. Enormous changes in knowledge and practice, and new science-driven and "game-changing" technologies are emerging. Medical products and systems are no longer and will never again be as before. Facing consumer and political pressures for "total solutions", services as well as integrated hardware and software are becoming critical; and, "sustainable" products, operations and innovations with broad definitions of markets, planning horizons, social contexts and stakeholder impacts needed. Firms are seeking new structures and alliances in diverse geographic and industry sectors, and developing new strategies and practices. Core competencies are being redefined and new planning and analytic tools and methodologies adopted. Existing practices are inadequate to exploit emerging commercial innovation opportunities with the needed focus and speed.

Focused and globally designed, the conference stresses practice-centered clinical discussion of actual Israeli and Global firm cases. Industry-academic and government participation is balanced and attention given to tools, metrics and processes vital for performance. Over 100 participants are expected.

This program builds on a very successful January 2004 conference by the same organizing team. That event dealt with the requirements for managing and commercializing advanced & converging technologies in Israel. It also extends a recent (September 2007) conference by CTIM and GATIC with the University of Hawaii on Global Innovation Challenges: Sustainability, Services and Underserved Markets, including special programming and sessions to encourage the formation of virtual global collaborative project teams of students.

Visitors interested in membership are welcome if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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