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NSF ADVANCE Program - Recorded Proposal Development Webinar

About the series

The NSF ADVANCE program office recorded proposal preparation webinars for the Adaptation, Partnership and Catalyst tracks in the NSF ADVANCE solicitation 20-554.  Note that the official guidance for submitting proposals to the NSF ADVANCE Program are found in the ADVANCE solicitation and NSF policies and procedures manual (PAPPG).  


Links to recorded webinars (the slides can be downloaded at the bottom of this notice)

ADVANCE Catalyst Proposal Development Webinar Access Passcode: RigPG4b$  

Note that Catalyst proposals are accepted before and after the target date so essentially there is no deadline for Catalyst proposals - please contact the program office to discuss.


ADVANCE Partnership Proposal Development Webinar Access Passcode: B*x1y$Rc

ADVANCE Adaptation Proposal Development Webinar Access Passcode: 2?9+vQeL

The next deadline for both Adaptation and Partnership letters of intent is August 2, 2021 and for full proposals November 3, 2021. If you submit a letter of intent then you can submit the full proposal. Do not wait for feedback on your letter to start work on the full proposal which should have started well before the letter of intent deadline.


Which ADVANCE track is right for my IHE?

If you are interested in pursuing systemic changes within your non-profit institution of higher education (including community colleges and minority-serving institutions) to enhance gender equity for your STEM faculty then you may be interested in the Adaptation, Institutional Transformation, or Catalyst track depending on your readiness and scope.

Do you have, or can you get, the relevant quantitative and qualitative institutional STEM faculty data to identify your IHEs systemic gender-based equity issues?

If YES - Then you should look at the Adaptation track (note that eligibility is limited to IHEs that have not had an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation or Adaptation award before). If you are unsure about your readiness for the Adaptation track you should review the Adaptation webinar to learn more about preparing a proposal.

If NO – Then you should look at the Catalyst track (note eligibility is limited to IHEs that have not been a lead on a prior ADVANCE project – so you can have a Catalyst and then an Adaptation but not the other way around).

If YES and you want to develop innovative systemic change strategies and undertake original research then you should look at the ADVANCE Institutional Transformation track in the solicitation (note that eligibility is limited to the IHEs that have not had an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation before).  


Which ADVANCE track is right for my non-academic organization?

If you are interested in pursuing a project to enhance gender equity for STEM faculty in one or more STEM disciplines as a STEM, non-profit, non-academic organization then you may be interested in the Adaptation (a single organization can submit) or the Partnership (at least two organizations need to partner) tracks.  You should review the Partnership webinar which covers both options for non-academic organizations.



ADVANCE Resources 

  • Frequently asked questions for ADVANCE 20-554 are also available to answer questions about eligibility and the scope of potential ADVANCE projects FAQs 
  • ADVANCE Resource Coordination Network www.equityinSTEM.org (community of practitioners and researchers – you do not need to be an NSF grantee to join the community and gain access to resources on systemic change and gender equity in STEM)

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