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Advisory group meetings

Planning Grant: BYU v-CAx I/UCRC

About the series

This is a planning meeting to discuss the feasibility of starting a new center in v-CAx. Companies interested in this topic are welcome to help guide the center in its research objectives and in providing suggests with respect to governance of the center.  Center management will welcome suggestions and guidance in setting research directions.

We invite your participation in our NSF sponsored planning event  -the launch of the BYU v-CAx I/UCRC subsite affiliated with the long running NSF Center for e-Design. Our primary research focus is the study, development, testing and refinement of collaborative multi-user design, analysis and manufacturing applications. With the help and guidance of an industrial advisory board, we intend to research the next generation of collaborative product development tools and methods that allows virtual design, analysis, and manufacturing worlds to support multi-users simultaneously inside the same part file, mesh domain, tooling model, etc. We intend to leverage and build upon research done in the following areas:

·        Cloud computing

·        Concurrent engineering

·        Global engineering

·        Client-Server architectures

·        Embedded VoIP

·        Internet multi-user gaming

·        Multi-channel, multi-threaded/ported graphics pipeline

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