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Recorded Webinar for DCL Catalyzing Institutional Change

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Access the recorded webinar here.  Passcode: Catalyst_DCL23

This webinar discussed the Dear Colleague Letter (NSF 23-087) that encourages submissions to the NSF AGEP and ADVANCE programs that support the goals articulated in the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 (Public Law. 117-167). Section 10329, Support for Increasing Diversity Among Stem Faculty at Institutions of Higher Education, authorizes NSF to make awards to institutions of higher education for the development and assessment of innovative reform efforts designed to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of individuals from underrepresented minority groups in academic STEM careers.

The three types of submissions are:

  • Catalyst proposals: (AGEP Catalyst Alliances and ADVANCE Catalysts) Catalyst proposals support the collection and analysis of institutional data that 1) identify systemic inequities and 2) potential systemic change solutions to the inequities. Both ADVANCE and AGEP include STEM faculty, while AGEP also includes graduate students and postdoctoral trainees in the scope of the program.
  • Supplements: IHEs with current AGEP or ADVANCE grants may apply for supplements to better focus on the intersection of gender, race, and ethnicity as allowed in both program solicitations. The AGEP program welcomes supplemental requests to add graduate students, postdoctoral research scholars, staff, and/or early career faculty who will contribute to advancing institutional and systemic changes in policies and practices. 
  • Conferences: ADVANCE and AGEP also encourage conference and workshop proposals that are designed to meet goals of the ADVANCE and AGEP programs and the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 Section 10329.

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