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Revolutionizing Engineering Departments Program Webinar

About the series

The Program Director team for NSF's Revolutionizing Engineering Departments program (IUSE/PFE: RED) is pleased to offer informative virtual webinars on February 21 and March 8, 2023. These webinars are designed to provide details and submission requirements for the current RED solicitation (NSF 23-553), as well as answer questions from potential proposers. You are encouraged to register using the links below for one or more of the webinars.

NSF's RED program supports radical changes to the training of undergraduate engineering students to help them establish identities as professional engineers with the technical and professional skills needed to solve the complex problems facing society. 

RED solicitation 23-553 is focused on the RED Two-Year track. RED Two-Year projects will develop radically new approaches among multiple two-year institutions to expand the path to engineering and engineering technology four-year programs from two-year institutions with programs such as pre-engineering, engineering and engineering technology.

Please note that there are additional opportunities for questions and answers about RED during RED office hours.

A recording of the RED program webinar is now available. Access the RED webinar recording.

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