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Science and Technology Center Program Lecture Series

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Dr. David Randall, Director of the Center for Multi-Scale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes (CMMAP)

This lecture will focus on the goals and accomplishments of CMMAP, an NSF Science and Technology Center. This center is taking a radical approach towards understanding and simulating the role of clouds in the climate system. Their focus is on climate variability in a warming world, the component of climate change that impacts living systems on regional and local spatial scales and on time scales from a day to a century. The center has recently coupled an atmospheric model with an ocean model. Center researchers have demonstrated that their coupled climate model can simulate the daily precipitation cycle, tropical weather on time scales from days to months, the Asian summer monsoon, and El Nino. The next step is to perform simulations of anthropogenic climate change from the 19th through the 21st centuries.

CMMAP also has a strong science education focus, and the presentation will include a demonstration used in our work with K12 students.


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