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Subawards: Assessment, Approval, and Monitoring

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This webinar will take place on June 30th, 2022 from 2:00 – 3:00pm EST.  

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Over the years, subawards and subrecipient monitoring have often been the subject of scrutiny at the federal level with a focus on the adequacy of oversight for large amounts of federal dollars passed through to non-federal entities under federal awards.  

Through several recent audit reports and other post award activities, NSF is noticing a trend in NSF recipients failing to obtain prior written approval from NSF for new subawards and failing to perform and document their assessment subrecipients’ risk and monitor based on the results of the risk assessment, as required by NSF award terms and conditions. 

During this webinar and informal discussion, the Resolution and Advanced Monitoring branch seeks to:

1) stress the importance of adhering to this award term and condition;

2) share the challenges NSF faces when this issue is identified;

3) understand the challenges pass-through entities face with subawards and subrecipients that may contribute to non-compliance; and

4) identify possible solutions on improving compliance and preventing disallowance of costs by NSF.

For those who cannot attend the live webinar, all recorded sessions will be available on-demand shortly after the event and posted on our our Resource Center and our YouTube page.

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