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Q&As and information sessions

Webinar for the IUSE/PFE: RED program

About the series

This webinar will provide guidance to prospective Principal Investigators interested in the NSF IUSE/PFE: REvolutionizing engineering and computer science Departments program (IUSE/PFE:RED). Topics to be discussed include program overview and goals, elements of IUSE/PFE:RED proposals, and common weaknesses. There will also be a question and answer session.

Questions should be submitted via email during the webinar to the contacts listed below.

Participants must register via WebEx in advance to receive instructions for joining the webinar.

The video capacity for the webinar is limited to the first 150 participants who register. Additional participants will have audio access.

The full audio and video transcript of the webinar will be available online. Please check the IUSE/PFE:RED webpage for information about the online transcript when it becomes available.

UPDATE: See the webinar slides, read the transcript, and download the webinar video.

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