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Workshop on algebraic, numeric, symbolic, computing and optimizations

About the series

Day 1

8-9       Registration and Continental Breakfast

9-9:30    Welcome and Intro to workshop:  NSF Assistant Directors Jeanette Wing and
          Tony Chan (pending availability)

9:30-10   Welcome and Intro to workshop: Division Directors Mike Foster (Computing
          and Communication Foundations) and Peter March (Mathematical Sciences)
          (pending availability)

10-11     Panel of experts representing areas across Directorates and Divisions:
Tentative Moderator: Lee Jameson; would include experts from domain sciences,
engineering, mathematics, computer science (e.g., algebraic, numeric, symbolic, geometric,
optimizations, languages, compilers, physics); 8 people minimum with a Q&A to
encourage discussion

11-12     Beginning of presentations from prioritized lists of attendees across all
areas involved. This is numeric and symbolic and also includes the CDI goals,
algebra, language, engineering, issues etc. Each presentation is 15-20 minutes each.

12-1:30   Lunch

1:30-5    More Presentations of Experts in all fields.  Workshop Committee members
in conjunction with NSF Officers will chose these folks. Include 30 minute break
halfway through

5-6       Reception

6-8       Poster Session: Anyone  invited may present and talk about their
posters. This would replace the 10 minute presentations first posed to let everyone talk.
The posters would be set up in the atrium all day and the evening portion would allow
opportunities to discuss their work to whoever comes along.

Day 2

8:00-9    Continental Breakfast

9-9:30    Workshop Committee Members discuss the formation of Teaming Session to promote
working groups, clustering of ideas, and ways to identify clustering of funding, publications,
etc. across all diverse groups. Could identify new journals and funding throughout NSF
and possibly other funding agencies. Discuss future venues for teaming.

9:30-11   Teams work and talk about collaborations: Teams will identify team leaders to
give a short 10 minute talk on their finding  

11-12     Team leaders give presentation to audience and commit to writing up their findings
to give to program organizers to create a document on results of workshop.

12-12:30  Wrap up by Workshop Organizers with suggested plans to get together again.


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