NSF Convergence Accelerator Shares 2022 Cohort Project Videos

Watch project videos produced by NSF-funded Convergence Accelerator Phase 1 teams.

The National Science Foundation's Convergence Accelerator is excited to publish new video playlists featuring the project videos developed by Phase 1 teams aligned to four convergent tracks under the 2022 Cohort.

The making of these videos are an important aspect of the Convergence Accelerator’s communications, marketing and pitching course, constructed to help teams effectively communicate their project, tell a compelling story, and generate stakeholder engagement.

“The team’s project video is a key deliverable of our Innovation Curriculum’s communications, marketing, and pitching coursework designed to help the teams communicate, pitch, and be visible to their customers and the American public,” said Douglas Maughan, head of the Convergence Accelerator. “We are proud to share these videos to showcase the diverse and novel solutions being developed across the cohort.”

“Communication, marketing, and outreach are just as critical as the team’s prototype because it drives visibility and engagement with customers, potential partners, and audiences,” said Shelby Smith, staff associate leading the Innovation Curriculum’s communications, marketing and pitching course. “During the 9-month Innovation Curriculum the teams develop a project name, tagline, logo, and project messaging using captured insights from their end-user interviews. These foundational items are then used in a wide range of marketing and outreach products, like the project videos to help attract stakeholders and raise awareness about their solution.”

The tracks and video playlists are:

Click here for a full playlist of all NSF Convergence Accelerator Videos.


About the NSF Convergence Accelerator

Launched in 2019, the NSF Convergence Accelerator — a TIP program — builds upon NSF's investment in basic research and discovery to accelerate solutions toward societal and economic impact. The program's multidisciplinary teams use convergence research fundamentals and innovation processes to stimulate innovative idea sharing and development of sustainable solutions. For more information about the NSF Convergence Accelerator program, visit the Convergence Accelerator webpage.


About TIP

TIP harnesses the nation's vast and diverse talent pool to accelerate critical and emerging technologies and address pressing societal and economic challenges. The directorate comprises three primary focus areas: fostering innovation and technology ecosystems; establishing translation pathways; and partnering across sectors to improve U.S. competitiveness, grow the U.S. economy and engage and train a diverse workforce for future, high-wage jobs. For more information about TIP, visit the TIP webpage.