Natural Fiber Welding

Team: Natural Fiber Welding | Origin: Illinois | Participation: NSF I-Corps Participant 2017

Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) is making plant-based materials that replace petrochemical incumbents.  They take natural materials and do the least amount of processing to get them into a new form that allows them to perform – as textiles, as alt-leathers, as molded components, and as foams.  While other companies tear down natural materials to build them back up, Natural Fiber Welding takes what is already there and accentuates amazing material properties.

Natural Fiber Welding is a material innovation company providing the global footwear, fashion, accessories, and automotive industries with new material platforms to create low carbon, all natural, petrochemical-free materials.  NFW engineers and manufacture all-natural textiles and a zero-plastic complement to leather.

In April 2022, Natural Fiber Welding raised $85 million.  The company is partnering with major brands like Stella McCartney, Allbirds, Pangaia, and Reformation. 

Before and after pictures of the Natural Welding Process
Natural Fiber Welding’s technology imbues 100% natural yarns with previously unachievable performance. Quick-drying, moisture-wicking, warp-knit compatible: CLARUS® makes it possible naturally. The CLARUS® platform works with both recycled and virgin fibers, closing critical gaps in the circular economy. CLARUS® runs on closed-loop green chemistry that enables new efficiencies while delivering unequaled performance. It’s a waste-not-want-not kind of breakthrough.

Credit: Natural Fiber Welding, Inc.

Natural Fiber Welding Products
MIRUM® is a new, plant-based material that is perfect for footwear, fashion, automotive, and accessories. MIRUM®’s miraculous customizability means it can look like leather or carbon fiber. MIRUM® is a high-performance solution for designers and brands looking to shrink their footprint and expand their creative palettes. At the end of its life, MIRUM® can be recycled into new MIRUM® or ground up and returned to the earth: a climate-friendly, plastic-free option.

Credit: Natural Fiber Welding, Inc.