Team: Osmoses | Origin: Massachusetts | Participation: NSF I-Corps Participant 2021

Osmoses Co-Founders
Credit: Tony Luong, The Engine
Osmoses Co-Founders: Katherine Mizrahi Rodriquez, Holden Lai, Francesco Maria Benedetti, and Zachary Smith.

Today, 15% of global energy use goes into chemical separations – including natural gas purification and the production of oxygen and nitrogen for medical and industrial uses.  These separation processes are often based on century-old technologies that also contribute to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Researchers at Osmoses have developed a new kind of membrane for carrying out these separation processes with roughly 1/10 the energy use and emissions.

The filters have exceptional size selectivity and can purify hydrogen and natural gas, generate oxygen-rich air, and perform carbon capture at a point source.

Osmoses was started as part of the GEMi4 project.  Two of its founders, Francesco M. Debenedetti and Holden Lai, have been selected as 2021 Activate Fellows.  The company has raised $3 million in funding after participation in the NSF I-Corps program.


Osmoses ladder polymer
Credit: Osmoses
Osmoses’ molecular filters are based on innovative ladder polymer materials that feature highly precise porosity of the same size of small gas molecules, and can separate them effectively.
Developing Osmoses Membrane modules
Credit: Osmoses
Osmoses develops membrane modules that can operate in several applications such as hydrogen purification, biogas upgrading, oxygen generation, carbon capture, helium harvesting and more.