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Cyber-Enabled Chemistry

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Cyberinfrastructure (CI) is creating new chemical research and education paradigms through grid computing, community databases, remote access to instrumentation, electronic support for geographically dispersed collaborations, and other web- and grid-accessible services. A team of researchers can now assemble distributed expertise and resources in a virtual lab to target chemical research and education priorities. Advances in CI in areas such as scientific portals, workflow management, computational modeling, and data and molecular visualization will clearly impact the day-to-day practice of chemistry. These advances will make it possible to work productively with chemical systems of unprecedented complexity - systems that span multiple scales of length, time, and organization, and involve voluminous quantities of data. CI can be used to inform synthetic efforts and to permit experimental measurements to be modified in real time. Moreover, the access to expertise and resources that CI provides holds the potential for individuals to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. CI promises to broaden participation in the chemical sciences to create a truly inclusive national and international community.

Chemistry meets computer, data and networking technologies in cyber-enabled chemistry awards.

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