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Partnership for Advancing Technologies in Housing

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Important information for proposers

All proposals must be submitted in accordance with the requirements specified in this funding opportunity and in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) that is in effect for the relevant due date to which the proposal is being submitted. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure that the proposal meets these requirements. Submitting a proposal prior to a specified deadline does not negate this requirement.


The Directorate for Engineering of the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a program solicitation in support of HUD’s Partnership for Advancing Technologies in Housing, or PATH. Whereas previous years’ solicitations have been open calls for a variety of research proposals, this year’s solicitation focuses on groundbreaking proposals in the five interdisciplinary areas designated to be the forefront of housing technology through the NSF-PATH Housing Research Agenda Workshop held at the University of Central Florida in February 2004. Please see the "Researchers" section of www.pathnet.org for a description of this workshop. These five interdisciplinary areas are:
  1. Construction Management and Production
  2. Structural Design and Materials
  3. Building Enclosures, Energy, and Indoor Air Quality
  4. Community and Economic Impacts of Housing Technology
  5. Systems Interactions and “Whole House” Approaches

PATH’s mission is to advance technology innovation in the homebuilding industry in order to improve housing value and performance. Its goals are to develop new housing R&D ventures; to coordinate non-commercial information and dissemination needs in homebuilding and construction; and to reduce the major institutional and policy barriers for innovation in the industry.

Program contacts

Jesus M. de la Garza
Program Director and Solicitation Coordinator
jgarza@nsf.gov (703) 292-7791
Carlos E. Martin
Carlos_E._Martin@hud.gov 202.708.0614 x5845

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