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Technological Challenges in Organic Electronics, Photonics and Magnetics

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All proposals must be submitted in accordance with the requirements specified in this funding opportunity and in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) that is in effect for the relevant due date to which the proposal is being submitted. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure that the proposal meets these requirements. Submitting a proposal prior to a specified deadline does not negate this requirement.


The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a solicitation on Technological Challenges in Organic Electronics, Photonics and Magnetics.  This interdisciplinary research will foster interactions among various disciplines that will impact the field of organic/polymeric electronics, photonics and magnetics, thereby resulting in heretofore-unanticipated breakthroughs and enabling technologies. Organic electronics, photonics and  magnetic devices integrated to intrinsic and hybridized systems, represent a highly promising interdisciplinary area of technology, that will provide greatly increased functionality and the potential to meet future challenges of scalability, flexibility, low power consumption, light weight, and reduced cost. This focused initiative seeks high-risk/high-return research proposals on novel concepts in organic electronics, photonics and magnetics. Emphasis will be placed on enabling technologies critical to the continued growth of organic electronics, photonics and  magnetics in the next decade to address the scientific issues and technological challenges associated with the underpinnings of the technology.

Program contacts

Usha Varshney
Solicitation Coordinator, Program Director
uvarshne@nsf.gov (703) 292-8339 ENG/ECCS
Rajinder Khosla
Program Director
rkhosla@nsf.gov (703) 292-8339
Paul J. Werbos
Program Director
pwerbos@nsf.gov (703) 292-8339
Bruce K. Hamilton
Division Director
bhamilto@nsf.gov (703) 292-8320 ENG/CBET
Shih C. Liu
Program Director
sliu@nsf.gov (703) 292-8360
Maria K. Burka
Program Director
mburka@nsf.gov (703) 292-7030
Robert M. Wellek
Deputy Division Director
rwellek@nsf.gov (703) 292-8370
Donald Senich
Senior Advisor, Small Business Procurement Policy
dsenich@nsf.gov (703) 292-7082
Glenn H. Larsen
ENG/OAD Clearance Officer
glarsen@nsf.gov (703) 292-4607
Doug Kirkpatrick
Program Manager
glarsen@nsf.gov 703-526-4762 DARPA/ATO

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