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Interview with 2015's Vannevar Bush Awardee

James Duderstadt has always considered himself a change agent. It might sound odd, when you consider that he's spent nearly 50 years at one institution. Look a bit closer, however, and you quickly see what he means: Duderstadt, an engineer by training, has spent his career pushing for innovations in higher education and research, and he remains a vocal leader in science policy.

Duderstadt is president emeritus and university professor of science and engineering at the University of Michigan. Earlier this year, he was named the 2015 recipient of the Vannevar Bush Award by the National Science Board. In this video, he discusses his career, the changing nature of universities and what this award means to him.

The Vannevar Bush Award recognizes lifelong leaders in science and technology who have made major contributions to the welfare of the United States. Nominations are now open for the 2016 Vannevar Bush Award.