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National Science Foundation and Smithsonian sign letter of agreement

A new letter of agreement expands and clarifies collaboration between the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution. Per the conditions of the agreement, NSF will review proposals from Smithsonian Institution researchers in the same manner as proposals submitted by researchers from institutions of higher education. Additionally, NSF will sponsor a new position at the National Portrait Gallery to elevate stories from the most accomplished scientists in the United States. In recognition of the collaboration, NSF Director France Córdova issued the following statement:

More than a century separates the establishment of the Smithsonian Institution and the establishment of the National Science Foundation, but we share a common goal: to increase knowledge and then share that knowledge with the world. Our agreement opens new possibilities for groundbreaking research and for opportunities to dramatically impact public understanding of science and technology. The possibilities for what we can accomplish together are truly exciting.

The letter is available online