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NSF advances Nebraska’s quantum research capabilities

The U.S. National Science Foundation is advancing quantum research through an investment of $20 million, over five years, to Nebraska through NSF’s Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research. EPSCoR is designed to build research and development capacity in states that demonstrate a commitment to research but have not received the levels of investment seen in other parts of the country.

This year’s research infrastructure improvement award on Emergent Quantum Materials and Technologies, or EQUATE, will enhance the state’s research infrastructure in quantum materials, technologies and information processing. EQUATE aims to enhance the state’s competitiveness in the field of emergent quantum materials and technologies, and boost the participating institutions’ research and education capacity.

José Colom-Ustáriz, an NSF EPSCoR program director said, "This project furthers Nebraska’s strategic priority to advance knowledge in quantum phenomena. It has the potential to benefit society through research outcomes, workforce development and STEM education and training, specifically in Native American and rural communities." 

In partnership with community and tribal colleges, EQUATE will leverage the quantum science and technology expertise at Nebraska’s research institutions to expand unique research and workforce development opportunities for the state.

The team consists of 20 faculty researchers with expertise in related areas of quantum science and technology from four Nebraska research institutions: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska Omaha, University of Nebraska at Kearney and Creighton University.

These four institutions will partner with Nebraska’s community and tribal colleges including Nebraska Indian Community College, Little Priest Tribal College and Central Community College.

NSF’s EPSCoR accelerates the development of research capabilities across the country, creating sustainable scientific infrastructure and communities of innovation. The program provides opportunities for broadening participation among individuals, institutions and organizations.

Currently 25 states, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam are eligible to compete for EPSCoR funding. Through this program, NSF establishes regional partnerships with government, higher education and industry that effect lasting improvements in a state's or territory's research infrastructure, and research and development capacity -- and therefore its academic competitiveness.  

More information about EPSCoR program and Nebraska award can be found at nsf.gov.